Many of the people that own JRT's kept saying their was a need for a Registry just for this mighty little Terrier. In the fall of 1997 the Jack Russell Terrier Registry was formed. JRTR owners had their JRT's registered in all different registries and clubs and it was hard to keep track of who was registered with whom. Many of these people have changed their JRT's over into one registry, the Jack Russell Terrier Registry, having all their JRT's in one place. The Jack Russell Terrier Registry accepts registration papers for most registries/clubs.

We try to be speedy on returning your registration papers. Once they are received in the office, the JRTR has the new registration papers back into the mail within 10 days, most of the time it is 2-6 days.

The JRTR offers Permanent registration with up to 5 generations pedigree. Litters can be registered at an early age, from one week old and up. The JRTR keeps track of the pedigrees, litters born and owners name.

Permanent Registration Fees: $20.00 each
Litter Registration: $2.00 per puppy

All JRT's being entered into the Jack Russell Terrier Registry will have up to 5 generations on the pedigree plus up to 3 color pictures on the Registration Certificate. If you need a registration form click  "The Registry" link.

All JRT's do not look a like, some are tall, some short, some are stocky built while others are built to uniform, some straight legged, some bench legged. They come in all different colors and coats. You can have a smooth, broken and rough coats all in the same litter. Colors can range from all white to very colored. Temperaments very as well. You have from a nice easy handling to a high strung temperament. Some are great tree dogs and most JRT's will find game under ground, in brush piles, downed trees, etc. if given the chance. Many of the people that breed the JRT, breed for house/yard type dogs. Others breed for a hunting dog. JRT's are good watch dogs, some are not good with children or around other dogs, while others are. What it boils down to is it all depends on the breeding of the JRT.

When looking for a certain type of JRT, don't be afraid to ask the breeder questions. If you are looking for a hunting JRT, ask the breeder if the Sire and Dam hunts, how they handle, do they tree, bay, etc., are they hunted with other dogs and how are they in temperament with other dogs and how do they handle in the woods. If you are looking for a good house/yard JRT ask the breeder questions like, are the Sire and Dam good around people, other dogs, children, strangers, etc. Always ask to see pictures of the Sire and Dam or go to the breeder and see the parents in person.

What ever the reason on wanting a JRT or any dog, make sure this is the type/breed of dog that you want. Don't go buy a certain breed/type just because you have seen it on TV, in a Movie or just think they are cute. When you are a owner of a dog you have many responsibilities to your pet. You have to give them a good home, make sure they are vaccinated, dewormed when needed and LOVE, attention and exercise. Owning a dog of any sort IS a big responsibility. Your dog looks up to you for all of its care. I don't care if it is a house dog or hunting dog, it is up to you the owner to provide for your dog.

For more information contact the
The Registry
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Jack Russell Terrier Registry